Whether you have a passive, active, silicon carbide or cordierite dpf, our Evacublast DPF Cleaning system will clean your DPF and keep your trucks on the road longer. Our cleaning process is carefully executed by trained exhaust technicians that can distiguish what is clean and what is not.

The Most Competitive DPF
Cleaning Rates in ARKANSAS

State of the Art DPF Cleaning and Diagnostic Equipment

Why We’re Your Best Choice:

  • The Flexibility To Clean 98% of DPFs on the market
  • Filters are Inspected as they are being Cleaned
  • Our “Smart Sense?Oven monitors Regeneration
  • The only system that has Dual Force soot extraction
  • Our system has the ability to focus on problem areas
  • Inspection system to check Flow and possible Cracks
  • The Soot Scale Measures Grams of soot from every DPF

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