Height: 34″
Width: 31 1/4″
Depth: 2″
Product Type: Radiator
Active Construction: CBR
O.E. Construction: PTR
Orientation: Downflow
Filler Neck: None
Inlet:2″ (Right)
Outlet:2″ (Right)
Oil cooler:Bottom – 18″
OE Numbers:

900050, 900050PT, 900050ST, S9050, RA950, 611RA950, FR76OC, FRE66, 239087, SC239087, SCSI239087, TR9087, CTAVTU83914TT, 238646, SCSI238646, TR8646, 437272, 437272P, 437272S, LT9102, LT9123, FRE92, 20011744, SPI20011744, ABPN2020011744, A0525424001, A0525424003, A0525424005, A0525424007, A0525424009, A0525424011, A0525424013, A0525424015, A0528482000, A0528482001, A0530696000, A0530696001, A0530696002, A0530696003, A0530696100, A0530696101, A0530696102, A0530696103, 0525340001, 0525340003, 0525340005, 0525340007, 0525340009, 0525340011, 0525340015, 0530694002, 0530694003, 0530694102, 0530694103, BHTN3086001, 3086001, BHTP4022001, P4022001, BHTR6069001, R6069001, BHTR6374001, R6374001, BHTS2726001, S2726001, BHTT3152001,  T3152001, BHTT3153001, T3153001, BHTX5435001, X5435001, BHTCU078001, CU078001, BHTCU080001, CU080001, BHTM1682001, BHTM2562001, M1682001, M2562001, W4840001

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