Height: 40″
Width: 28 3/4″
Depth: 2 1/4″
Overall Height: “

Product Type: Radiator
Active Construction: CBR
O.E. Construction: CBR
Orientation: Downflow
Filler Neck: Top
Inlet:2.5″ (Left)
Outlet:3″ (Right)
Oil cooler:None – “
OE Numbers:

650006, 650006BT, 650010, 650010BT, 619RA006, 437362, T63, T64, T65, 40213, 21012503A, ABPN2021012503A, SPI21012503A, 21012503, SPI21012503, ABPN2021012503, RADKE103, SRM6213, SRM6213N, VTU62133, VT62134, CVT62134, VT62135, VTU62134, CVTU62133, CVTU62134, CVTW62133, CVTW62134, CVTX62134, CVT62135, IE62135, CIE62135, 5562133, 5562134, 5562135, 239312, TR9312, SCSI239312, 239209, TR209, SCSI239209, 238606, TR8606, SCSI238606, BTC1112R, BT1112R, 1112R, KE1205B0014, KE1205B, FLX000337, 1A020256, X510102, X560110, X560108, X4048

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