Product Type: Radiator
Active Construction: BTR
O.E. Construction: BTR
Orientation: Downflow
Filler Neck: None
Inlet:2.5″ (Left)
Outlet:3″ (Right)
Oil cooler:None

OE Numbers:

770011, 770011BT, PET11 , PET12,CVT80764 , CVTU80763,CVTU80764, CVTM80763, CVTX80764, 558076SRM8076, FLX000513, 41076, P3LPB, P3LP, 21013706 , SPI21013706,ABPN2021013706, 21013706A, SPI21013706A, ABPN2021013706A, BTC1176, BT1176, 239297, TR9297, SCSI239297, 239298, TR9298, SCSI239298, 42002281, 0706657A017, 0706657A038 , 0706657A041,0706657A050, 1A17043, 1A17047, 1A18283, 1A19577, 1A19618, 1A19628

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